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2021 Maxxis Sport Junior Subaru Championship Race Dates

Warm Up Meeting - Sunday 21st March

Round One - Sunday 18th April

Round Two - Sunday 16th May

Round Three - Sunday 20th June

Round Four - Sunday 18th July

Round Five - Sunday 15th August

Round Six - Sunday 19th September

Round Seven - Sunday 17th October

Round Eight - Sunday 21st November

Round Nine - Sunday 20th December

Slick Tyre Restrictions

Competitors are restricted to 1 set of Maxxis Sport slicks for the 3 Round Winter Series.
Summer Championship Three set's of Maxxis Sports are allowed. These can be used;
1st set - April,
2nd Set - Not before the July meeting,
3rd Set -Not before the October meeting.

Wet Tyre Restrictions

Either the Maxxis SLW or the Mojo W5 can be used.